UX Designer & Photographer

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Increase online sales by creating a simple e-commerce experience where users can upgrade and add devices to their account.


UX Mor Weizman  |   Design Taneisha Kirchner   |    Project Manager Amir Aziz

UX Director Munawar Ahmed   |   Design Director David Clarke   |   Copy Director  Tim Shin 

Over 100+ stakeholders


– Wireframing & Iterations

– Lead weekly client presentations and workshops with IT

 – Incorporate business and user feedback into design iterations

– User Testing

Feature - Bring Your Own Device

One of the features we worked on is called Bring Your Own Device. This allows a user to add a device they already own to their account. 

One use case could be: "I just broke my phone and want to activate an old phone I have saved in a drawer. I can open the My Verizon App and add that device to my account from without leaving my home."

Below, you can see a motion prototype of the animated visuals we used to help them find the Device ID if they're adding an iOS device.