UX Designer & Photographer

Verizon Prepaid

My Verizon Prepaid



Give prepaid customers access to the My Verizon app and provide a consistent, premium experience for all types of Verizon customers. 


UX Mor Weizman  |   Design Kinney Sheth   |    Project Manager Amir Aziz  |   UX Director Munawar Ahmed

Over 100 + stakeholders


In the beginning of 2017, our team was assigned with the task of giving Verizon prepaid customers a personalized experience on the My Verizon App, which at the time was exclusively for postpaid customers. With project manager Amir Aziz and designer Kinney Sheth, the three of us tackled phase one of the project.


– Upfront brand + user research

– Stakeholder interviews

– Competitive analyses

–Contextual inquiry

– Wireframing

– IT + stakeholder feedback

– User Testing

– Iterations